Comparing Two Mesh Wi-Fi Systems: Linksys vs BT

May 22, 2017 AT 08:43 AM | BY TechieBuster
(Photo credit: Shutterstock)
(Photo credit: Shutterstock)

Mesh Wi-Fi trend is on the rise, but to people looking to switch now, it could seem like there’s too little nuances that are worth analyzing before buying your own system. That’s why we’ve decided to do a minor comparison between Linksys Velop and BT Whole Home.

Mesh Wi-Fi networks basically offer completely seamless Wi-Fi networking solution that beats the range of a typical router by miles. These are usually meant for large residences, or rooms that are weirdly spaced out and far away.

BT and Linksys both offer companion apps to help make the setup easy. Linksys offers a tai-band solution, while BT sticks to the good old dual-band — arguably most of us never have needed more than that so far.

Since mesh systems are meant for large homes, BT beats Linksys in the price-effectiveness regard. Linksys model costs $400+ for a two-pack, and even more per unit if you buy just one — which is practically pointless.

Design is important to devices that will unavoidably be placed around your home, so Linksys wins in that regard, it’s a minimalistic white box. However, BT one is quite wide and difficult to place, as well as not that attractive.

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