Samsung’s TVs’ Ease-Of-Access Not That Easy After-all

Sep 15, 2017 AT 06:44 AM | BY TechieBuster

Samsung tv

Having had a look through post on official Samsung forums, it is pretty obvious that a literal storm is brewing up in the Samsung front, and it does not look pretty. What Samsung users are complaining about and what the are asking for is quite simple – they want Samsung to stop auto turning on the HDMI channel.

“Turning on my computer changes the TV to my HDMI… pretty frustrating when the wife is watching one of her shows,” writes a really annoyed user on one of the forums, and it’s easy understand why he is this annoyed. There are numerous complaints all of which boil down to this very same “feature”.

Users seem not to be able to figure out how to turn off the auto-detect HDMI feature. It automatically turns the TV on, even when users don’t want it to do so. Even though the problem is clear, users are frustrated as they cannot find how to simply turn it off.

The annoying feature seems to have been added sometime in the 2016. Yet how to turn it off, nobody seems to know.

The feature seems to be embedded in the software (or hardware) of the TV itself, since a user even resorted to cutting up his HDMI cable to see if it helps. As frustration is growing, Samsung is not in the hurry to provide with a reply.

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