This Is the Reason They Are Two Separate Google Apps

May 22, 2017 AT 08:34 AM | BY TechieBuster
(Photo credit: Shutterstock)
(Photo credit: Shutterstock)

Google Assistant has finally hit the App Store, or at least it did so in the United States, and people have started wondering — why exactly is not the Assistant app not combined with the previously released and widely available Google Search app.

Google Search, as it is commonly referred to by users, is a simple widget that can be freely added to home screen of your iPhone, allowing for quick intuitive search.

Assistant also allows for all functionality of the older Google Search app, but it also has the added AI capabilities. Google claims that it is exactly the reason why the two are separate: some people simply might not want the added functionality of artificial intelligence. This might be preferred by users who already are content with the capabilities of Siri, even though it has defaults set by Apple (Bing as the go-to search engine, and Apple Maps for GPS, for example).

Assistant is designed to be more intuitive than that, offering preference-based suggestions — if you looked up venues where you could eat nearby, it would offer you to follow up with booking reservations instantly.

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